Sunday, July 09, 2006

End Of 2005/6 Season Part 2

Over 2 months after part 1, the season has now ended. In fact the 2006/07 has started but I don't mention the Intertoto Cup much on here.

Since part 1, Scarborough got unrelegated after Canvey Island decided to go part time and request to be dropped a division showing incredible lack of ambition and Altrincham got deducted 18 points. However Altrincham were then saved as Scarborough's financial worries caused them to be rerelegated to the Conference North. Wakefield & Emley have now dumped & Emley and their kit and are now simply Wakefield with the up and coming AFC Emley challenging them for supremacy around those parts.

I think Man Utd took 2nd in the Premiership with Liverpool taking 3rd and Arsenal clinching 4th spot from Spurs on the final day with victory at Wigan. Spurs had to match Arsenal's result but had 10 players suffering from what turned out to be gastroenteritis from one player which spread to the others. It was not, however food poisoning and the FA refused to postpone the game against West Ham which Spurs went on to lose. This led to joy at the last game at Highbury and Thierry Henry signing a new contract as he will be in the Champions League with Arsenal next season.

Huddersfield, Halifax and Leeds all lost in the play offs.
Reading, Sheffield United, and Watford all got promoted with the latter two likely to be coming straight back down in my opinion.
Sunderland beat their own record for the lowest number of points ever scored in the Premiership with 15 and another ex Premiership club (sort of) got relegated to the 4th tier with MK Dons (formerly Wimbledon being relegated).

The World Cup has just ended tonight. France lost to Italy on penalties and Zinedine Zidane got sent off for a head-butt wothy of an assault charge! The group stages were good but not many goals were scored in the knockout stages which were still compelling viewing in my opinion. Maybe England will win in 2010!

The only other side some readers may have interest in is St Albans City who got promoted to the Conference. I have to admit to having a limited knowledge of them extending so far as I know there was a big debate about a big tree. It turns out, the tree stopped them gaining promotion in the early 1990's as the ground was deemed unsafe but the oak tree had a preservation order on it meaning it could not be destroyed. However, in 1998, it was discovered that the tree was diseased and was soon destroyed, making way for a new stand. Good luck to St Albans in their first season at the higher level (except against Halifax of course)!


At Thu Jul 13, 01:08:00 pm 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

England 2010 - dream on! I'm gonna be waiting till 2018 when were a serios threat again, and Sven's protege has diasappeared!


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