Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nervy Times

It's exam result time again tomorrow. I'm likely to be in Sheffield where i'm auditing for the first time since September. At least I won't be twiddling my thumbs waiting. I can't really predict what I'll get only that it will be very close to the pass mark of 55%. My record is not good whn receiving results outside the office with 1 pass and 2 fails compared with effectively 3 passes out of 3 when in the office. I'm not sure that has much significance on it all really.

Kate, her mum and I got 77 out of 146 in this weeks quiz in case you were wondering which placed us about 8th out of 14. There were loads of kids there this week as it was house music performance night at school. It seemed weird that I wouldn't know know any of them and more to the point they wouldn't approach me saying "alright Toph!" and i'd reply "Alright, who are you?!" Something like that anyway.


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