Monday, July 17, 2006

Since I Last Posted About Me...

I went into Halifax on the evening of Friday 7th and had a good time. I washed away my bad mood with 11 Smirnoff Ices and was a bit sick in the morning.

The very same morning I went to get a mortgage for the the house Phil and I are buying. Looks like my windfall could be gone sooner than expected.

Then I watched the World Cup but i've already posted about that, and Wimbledon finals. Maybe Mauresmo should get paid the same as the men or being one. Oops - libellous - shouldn't be saying things like that.

I then had the good news that Bill was up from Cheltenham for the week. Obviously the first place to meet on The Big Six on Monday night for the quiz. Unfortuneately, the rst of the team deserted us but once again we did ok with 74 out of 139 and 6th out of 11. We would certainly have won if the winners had been decided by points per aggregate age, but (as with most pub quizzes) it was which team got most right which always seems to be our downfall.

Tuesday was going to be an early night but my brother wanted picking up late in Halifax.

Wednesday was another late night as Bill, Kate and I went to The Moorings for a drink or few and we caught up with each other a bit and arranged Thursday night which was...

... a pool night in The Murg. JJ joined us for this. I've not played much pool recently after Kate nearly beat me Scarborough but after beating her and JJ recently I was feeling confident. I know Bill is an opponent worth respect but I still beat him in game 1. I then beat Kate and JJ in games 2 and 3 before Bill beat me in a close game 4. JJ then took on Kate in a 3rd/4th place play-off type match which lasted 27 minutes and was really really dull until the end when JJ failed to hold his nerve and Kate took it on the black. Bill and I then had our decider which I won to beat him 2-1 for the 2nd time running but he is definitely in the top three of opponents i've played against alongside Ruth and John (not you JJ - Mr Frank). JJ then amazingly nearly beat Bill. But he didn't. Bill's now back in Cheltenham but it was good to see him again.

Friday was Lorraine's leaving do which I managed to stop out for until a pitiful 5:45 as I was tired after my week and also in a bad mood. An early night perked me up though.

On Saturday night I stopped up to watch IndyCar until 4am which was a bit silly and yesterday I got sacked as Huddersfield manager on Football Manager 2005/06 after beating Solihull Borough 8-0 in the FA Cup. I decided there must be a bug so I reloaded and got manager of the month before being sacked. I've now decided fate is against me and have accepted another job.

Today I went to work where it was hot and loud. I also seem quite deaf in my right ear too couldn't really converse much with people. I hear a lot more music playing from cars outside in the summer which is due to windows being open I reckon or blowers/air con being turned up high inside so volume needs to go up so that music can be heard properly. However I think 80% of the music I hear is all dusch dusch banging tracks like DMX, a far cry from the sounds of Ronan Keating belting out of my stereo although thinking back, I did have Black Eyed Peas pumping out last week so I fit into the 80% sometimes I guess!

And finally tonight is the quiz again, back with the usual team - the aim mid-table mediocrity and to not hear tose cruel cruel words, "And your picture round!"


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