Sunday, August 06, 2006

BBQ, Coli Collapse

Last Friday was the BADCASS BBQ which was held at a pub near Bingley. I stayed at Eppy's house meaning I could drink a bit. There was bowls but we stopped playing after one got lost in the nettles after a failed take out attempt bounced out of the playing area. There was rounders which lasted about 15 minutes after the same guy hit the 3 balls into unretrievable areas. There was space hoppers which provided much amusement, if being a little surreal. A very wobbly giant Jenga and a giant Connect 4 were also playable. There was food too of course! It was a nice evening on the whole and good tosee old pals again.

On Saturday I went out with Rob to Halifax and ended up with my 15th SI of the weekend. We ended up in Jumpin Jaks which was lucky as part of the roof fell in at the Colisseum with eight people being hospitalised but all released with minor injuries.

It was just the three of us at the quiz on Monday and we came 8th out of 9 with a "mediocre" 70 out of about 134.


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