Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Breakdown (Almost), Sociedad and Superman

Last Tuesday it was dead hot. My car wouldn't start after work as I couldn't get the ignition past the first turn. This meant, no electrics, air con or engine, or window opening. As it is a "clever" car it kindly beeps when the ignition is on or partly on when the door is open. So I was very hot and had to keep shutting my door everytime someone came to the car park. I eventually gave up and called the breakdown people. Less than a minute after i'd hung up, it turned and I could then go home (this was after 50 minutes breaking the old record by half an hour). I'm taking it to the garage next week to see if they can do anything as it's still a bit dodgy.

It started just in time or me to get home and changed and out again ready for Boothy's testimonial against Real Sociedad. It was a big occasion for pre-season but it was really poor and hopefully the rest of the season will be better.

On Thursday I went to see another Superman. The real one in Superman Returns. Kate was very late so we missed the start but it was only text explaining what had previously happened (i guess anyway if not I might have missed something quite vital). The conversation went something like:-

Kate "What did that say?"
Me "I don't know, we weren't here."

I got out of my mood after an hour or so and quite enjoyed the film as it was easy to follow if a bit tacky. I didn't like the digitally enhanced bit where he flies and stuff as it looked more like a computer game and was blantantly not Brandon Routh.


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