Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Day Of Reckoning Approaches

The quiz is sorted. It's been tested on a couple of people. The questions range from very easy to very hard with a lot in between but it's a quiz so that's what you'd expect. There's not many people going who I know so hopefully they'll have a good time and come back to future events.

I just phoned O2 to get my number transferred but they advised me to sell my sim as I have a "golden number". I just see it as confusing having 5 consecutive digits the same. Anyway I looked it up on eBay and i could probably get £2 for it. Big fucking deal. I'll ring back again another time and get my number transferred.

I'm not in a very good mood again. Perhaps an early night is in order. I shouldn't let the apprehensive tension get the better of me. I'll be fine by Saturday and if not Smirnoff Ice will help chill me out (in moderation of course :-)).


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