Sunday, October 29, 2006

Good things putting Bad Things To The Back Of My Mind

So I failed. Old news now as just one hour after my result was the Huddersfield Student Society (CASSH) quiz (spookily the Bradford one was the evening of the exam). I had written the quiz and it went really well with Tom being a good quizmaster, the questions of a decent standard (so i'm told) and plenty people (25)turning up even though exams were quite close. I still wasn't really in the mood for a night out so I went home to bed.

10 Smirnoff Ices on Saturday night helped cushion the blow though it was an otherwise eventful night. We did spot that Nv (formerly Coiner's) where I was last not let in anywhere for being underage (being 21 with no ID at the time as Ed may remember) is now a trendy eatery/bar but we didn't go in as it was empty and looked more eatery than bar when we passed.

We got 7th out of 8 on Monday night for our usual 2nd last with 84 out of 138 in the quiz. In other news from last Monday, I still have a job which is nice that they value my work rather than one silly exam question. Keep the good stuff coming.

So I did some shopping buying CD's and Pro Evolution Soccer 6. I also got my phone working and can do some funky stuff with it now but am still learning how to do other funky stuff. I struggled a bit with this making me feel a little old then I sat in my seat at work which always makes me feel young (being the youngest in the room by 12 or more years)!

On Wednesday I got an e-mail saying Pro Evolution Soccer 6 would take 3-5 days to be delivered which wasn't good as I wanted it on Thursday to practice while Phil was on holiday so i'd beat him when he got back. However, great news on Thursday when it came so I didn't have to watch a chick flick with a box of chocolates as expected and just played my game all night. Same with Friday. Phil got back on Saturday and after two practice games declared himself ready for my challenge. He promptly thrashed me many times. Goddammit! Some things just never change I guess.

It'll be quiz tomorrow and back to the usual routine again now the bad news is well to the back of my mind. Thanks for all the support everyone. I'm now looking to the future as the past cannot be changed.


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