Sunday, October 08, 2006

Kevin's Leaving Do, New BBC Idents

Friday night was Kevin's leaving do which saw a disappointing turnout but the return of a few friendly old faces. We will have to get used to life without them all now and in a way it's the start of a new era. I didn't drink too much though I did join in and have a celebratory beer which didn't do me any favours. I think it was at this point I agreed to write the student society quiz but I was more than half expecting it anyway. The night finished quite early for me before one o'clock but was a good night out.

There's something I disagree with at the moment that isn't any of my business and is in the unbloggable category of things. However, something else that is none of my business and way beyond my control is the new BBC Idents. These are the snippets they show while introducing shows. Previously there were wheelchair basketballers, urban free runners, and ballroom dancers. Now, after spending £1.2m of mine and your money they have come up with a circle idea including kite surfers and synchronised swimming himmopotomi. The hew logo has changed from BBC ONE to "BBC" (in half size font level with the top of the) "one" (in small letters). Now, when I was learning to write (some would say I still need to) I was told that all the bottom of my letters should be on the line (except y, p, g, j, and z,) and I believe all headings should be in capitals or bold to make them stand out more (when they are short at least). Maybe this is the end for neat writing and use of capital letters. Maybe i'm just being picky but I wouldn't want to spend £12 on something I don't like let alone £1.2m.

Still I guess there'll always be things in life I'm not happy with and usually, whether good, correct, moral or not people will just carry on and go ahead regardless.


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