Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Quiz Winners (Sort Of)

Last night was the first time i've ever won a cash prize in the Big Six 6 quiz. I must've been over 100 times in the last six years and while recent performances have improved, we never really came near to the top three. This changed last night with 3rd place.

Kate, her mum, JJ and I got 93 out of 139. That's the good bit. It gets sligtly more believable from here on in. There were only five teams, two of which had their full team and came first and second, the other two were made up of a two (including Lucy's dad) and a three but two people deserted this team halfway throught the final round. The guy by himself came last and Lucy's dad's team came equal third with us which meant a tie breaker.

I got the tie breaker answer hopelessly wrong but luckily the rest of the team aren't idiots and guessed a totally different answer which was nearer than the other team's answer giving us £5 and them a bottle of Algerian wine on a special everyone wins a prize night. Kate's mum then won some dominoes which eeminded me I haven't played for a long time. I probably won't do in the near future either but never mind! Maybe we'll get 2nd next week and continue our great run.

Until then though I'll be auditing again and hopefully Kevin's leaving do will be fun on Friday which I will be attending even though it's my mumm's birthday as she is not here - seems a valid excuse to me!


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