Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Last Post Of 2006

I've not made any changes yet. I've not posted for ages either for a couple of reasons.

1. I got complacent - viewing figures are at a record high (mainly thanks to the "Google whore" Toph Bei Fong trick). They are 20% up on the previous best and just short of 400 this month which is good given the average is under 200. It was the highest viewed week last week too with 120 hits. But I must remember that while being popular is good, these people are unlkely to return so it's regular readers who keep me happy. I think that came across a bit wrong. it's nice if you read it but i'm not going to hate you if you don't and I'll just write it for myself anyway.

2. I've been bloody busy:-

23rd - Had a fairly long sleep and went to JJ's with Rosie and then I showed them round my house and took them home.

24th - Had a fairly long sleep and went to church. The service was performed by the new vicar of Rastrick to be and was one of his first so that was quite exciting and it all went well. A man dressed as Santa and stinking of alcohol came in after about 20 minutes. When communion was taken he rushed up from the back when the front people were going, had his bread and wine, and was not seen for the rest of the service. It's amazing what some people do for a bit of alcohol!

25th - It was Christmas Day and neither Phil or I got a computer/console game for the first time in about 20 years. Hence no need to put the computer on. Merry Christmas everyone.

26th - Had a long sleep in (til about 12:45) then watched 3 football matches, had my tea and went to bed at 9:00.

27th - Got up at 2am and watched a few minutes of cricket. Australia were about 104-5 and struggling in the 4th Test. Maybe we could win this one. Took Phil to Liverpool airport for his "skiing" holiday in France. "Skiing" is because there is no snow. Got home about 5:45 after getting to the wrong house to pick Phil's mate up (he'd rcently moved - twice) and the wrong motorway on the way home (i was tired). Australia had progressed to about 310-5, It was painful to listen to all the way there and back. I watched the end until 7:00 and then went to bed. I got up about 2:00 with my sleep pattern ruined. In the evening I went to Sarah's house for a gathering. John was there and in the end Kate, Ed, Bill, JJ and myself all seemed to have a good evening. I then watched cricket until I was tired about 3:30

28th - Had a long sleep until about 1:00 but was still tired for the rest of the day. I went to Kate's with JJ in the evening to watch a play by "The Newarks and Moneypennies" (Kate's mum and step dad are in it). Things then got a bit musical. I played Jelly On A Plate and then sung along to Abba. JJ wouldn't sing :-) Bedtime 1:30

29th - Kate and JJ came to my new house and watched Cars which was good although I haven't quite worked out how to get the surround sound back to how it was before. Never mind - it works on Sky and Phil is home soon!

30th - My first day which was sort of free so I continued clearing my room

31st - Transported lots of things from my old room to my new room. It's getting quite sentimental now. Oh and it's new year in less than four hours so i'm going out now. I'm driving as I don't have a lift, don't fancy getting a taxi, don't fancy leaving my car on a road with winds at 80mph, and i'm not a big new year fan. I'd better go or I'll be late. Happy New Year!


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