Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hat Trick Of Losses

After not losing the quiz for ages until two weeks ago, we have now lost three in a row. Last week Kate, her mum, JJ and I were only three points off not last but with 51 out of 133 deserved it really. I thought i'd kept my record of winning the raffle when coming last too. I had 101. The first ticket was picked, "It's a palindrome" said John "it reads the same upside down." Yes, I thought. "It's 88." Bollocks, I thought. The next number also read the same upside down but that was 96. All our chocolates got eaten as we'd passed them round :-( Just not my night. Maybe it was the curse of 101 or something.

Unlike last night when we were 5th out of 7 going into the final round then Kate (without mum this week) cocked the question numbers up so we had to rewrite most of our answers and didn't really have time to finish the pictures (not that we knew any anyway). The team who were well behind in 7th had decided to quit at this point so we came last by 13 with 60 out of 131. We got a big bag of Daim bars (they are mini Dime bars with foreign packaging) which I now have at home :-) I also won the raffle with 121 winning a single use £1.99 camera. Kate won some 3 bottles of alcopops. Ironically the two people that left early would have both won the raffle so they missed out on three prizes!

This week I shall be mostly nailing hardboard to the kitchen floor.


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