Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006 Into 2007, 2nd Place

I finished The Getaway: Black Monday on New Year's Eve which was quite easy and took a lot less time than I thought it would. I think it's the first PS2 game i've finished before my brother so that's good. It may have been sneaky doing it while he was on holiday but we've had it at least 18 months so he can't say he hasn't had chance. Anyway he's back now and the sound on my tv works. You have to turn the volume up as it's not connected to the surround sound. Duh!

Bill, Ed, Kate, JJ and I went to The Big 6 for new year. JJ filled a personality test in. It was more fun than it sounds. We missed the chimes on tv as Christmas lights were plugged in but did get to see the fireworks afterwards. Ed and I then had our 2nd annual Big 6 darts game. I had already shocked Bill (unbeaten in 12 months stretching over about 1 match I think) with a double 2 after only a few attempts however it was double 2 that proved illusive and after just 35 minutes, Ed hit double 2 to level the series. It wasn't as gruelling as last year and harder as I actually had an opponent after 30 minutes! Things then went much the same as last year after playing Space Invaders and Pinball and leaving about 3:15. Hopefully everyone else had a good new year too.

Looking back on 2006 it was an excellent year in some ways and a normal year in most others. It had it's ups and downs but this is the moment that is most likely to be reembered for the rest of my life.

Anyway it's 2007 and if there was a Big 6 quiz league out of all the teams we would be 2nd! There were 6 teams, many not at full strength, except us, who were at about 150% if very tired and we even had a 5 person alcoholless round at the bar (note - i've had no alcohol since 22nd December)! But with the same quintet as new year we amassed 86 out of 134 to claim 2nd place and 10 english pounds. I then watched the darts final i had recorded on Sky+ which led to 3:00 and left me very tired.

Not to worry, back at work now and sleeping in the evenings after many shopping trips and still transporting stuff to my house. Here's to good a 2007 for all of us!


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