Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Busy Life

Last Monday Kate, her mum and I were joined by JJ and Caroline at the quiz. We came 5th out of 6 with 87 out of 139. Yesterday the same five got 68 out of 141 scraping into 5th out of 6. I won the raffle yesterday as well which was some alcolhic irish whisky coffee or something. My dad will enjoy that. That's my third win of the year I think which is pretty good going.

I should be moving into my new house tonight. I was going to move in on Sunday but I bought a car instead which took a lot of time up. Hopefully our wireless connection will work and I will be able to use my laptop to it's full capabilities. I ordered my Windows Vista upgrade disk but they wouldn't accept my card so I'm sending a cheque to Holland and I'll receive that within 4-6 weeks which seems like a long time.

I might expand on some of the second paragraph in future posts, but time is short and now it's 1:29 so i'll be ending this one here.


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