Wednesday, March 14, 2007

CASSH Dinner 2007

Friday 2nd March saw this year's annual dinner at The George Hotel in Huddersfield. Having been on the committee for a while now I took a slightly more active role in the preparation stages though I don't like to be in the limelight and quite enjoyed the event itself as everything seemed to run smoothly. Well done to Cheryl, Sam, Mel, and Emily for ensuring things ran smoothly and to President Thomas whose grace and speech went well, so well in fact i'd like to make an early nomination for him to do both next year!

Not many people at worked seemed up for it after recent happenings but we had a respectable turnout in the end with Tom and Adrian on the top table and Greg, Adeel, Chris, Michael, myself and Jodie made up the attendees from work. We were on a table with Joanne, Vicki, Toni (who danced a lot which is always good), Neil and Kane. I wrote the quiz which was hard as most of the questions were from 15 to 1 with the winning team getting 26 out of 35 after a tie break (to which I was very pleased to hear that DJ Dave had the music for Play Your Cards Right (which is where the tie break came from)). I also got the questions for True or False but got questions wrong quickly as I hadn't really checked the answers!

Some people went to Revolution afterwards, probably about midnight and then some went to Tokyo afterwards where the bouncer asked me where my yellow mini was (new movie out soon I believe). Truth is though I'd had far too much to drink to be driving... until mid afternoon the following day! Bucks fizz, a bottle of red wine to myself, then slowed down a bit with 5 Bacardi Breezers and a Smirnoff Ice. Anyway by 2:30 I'd had enough and was glad I didn't have to get up in the morning. Well done to those who stayed out late including Kane, Neil, Tom, Jodie and Jenny.

I think this was my favourite Huddersfield dinner so far (all reviewed on here in March of each year). Hopefully i've not missed any names out. Good luck to Emily and Sam who are moving on to the City of Leeds shortly.


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