Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Car, Quiz, Card, Catch Up

Ah a nice catchy title.

So, after my two nights out in a row it was a pretty quiet weekend after that. I collected my new car last Monday which is really good. World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb drives one which puts the street cred up a bit rather than looking like something the crazy frog may upgrade to if he ever got rid of his "beep beep" bike. I do still like Micras though and would recommend them to anyone. Not sure really how all my clever gadgets work yet but as some people know from a couple of posts on BlogEd it took a long while on the Micra.

Last week's quiz saw Kate, her mum, the love birds and myself get 81 out of 147 and come 4th out of 6. It got a bit long winded by the end, even more so than normal. Hmmm short paragraph so I may as well do this week's as well. The same three (+2) of us got 88 out of 141 coming 4th out of 7. This quiz was to be used as part of the CASSH dinner quiz i'm supposed to be writing but I got about 5 right all night and if it hadn't of been for Kate's mum we'd have got about 50. So instead I'm doing a different quiz, with a theme.

There were no Valentines Cards waiting for me last Wednesday. The moral of this year though is "A 0-0 draw is better than a 1-0 defeat." So that's that really. Caught up to last Friday, when I went to Kate's for a "mini party" with JJ and Caroline, Luke and Amanda, Shelley, Laura, and Kirsty. Amanda found out what my real name was which I felt she should really have known before. I doubt D from the last post knew my name as well. I wonder if anyone actually knows my name. Sometimes I feel they should but it's not like it matters as I like Chris, Toph, Marsh, or Marshy so... I'm not really sure where i'm going with this so I'll go to bed I think!


At Wed Feb 21, 12:56:00 pm 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what is your real name......Councillor Marsh or quiz king/queen! what car have you got cos i cant be bothered to find what Sebastian leob drives?

At Wed Feb 21, 08:42:00 pm 2007, Blogger Toph said...

Sometimes it's good to remain anonymous as you know :-) but if you wanted to find out who I am (if you already don't) it wouldn't take much ingenuity.

My new car


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