Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yawn 1

Australian Grand Prix qualifying has just finished. I went to bed at 11:00 and got up at 2:15 to get a quick sleep in and will be returning shortly until around lunchtime hopefully. I'm not sure i've posted this early/late before. Ferrari seem dominant but Massa's gearbox failed so he is 16th.

In a seamless link kind of way, this signals the end of another March 16th and i'm still a single man. I'm not bothered either way really on most other days of the year so I should be happy on the inside again when I wake up.


At Sat Mar 17, 02:25:00 pm 2007, Blogger Dozy Rosie said...

Think I'm missing something - what's the significance of March 16th?

At Sun Mar 18, 04:56:00 am 2007, Blogger Toph said...

A kind of anniversary for me. Just worth a mention but nothing significant :-)

At Mon Mar 19, 03:19:00 pm 2007, Blogger Ed said...

Heh... Rosie's dog reads your blog...

Anyways, 'cause the Tophmeister is being vauge... March 16 represents the date Toph's last relationship kicked the bucket.

Wonder if this comment will get deleted ;-)


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