Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Letchworth 2007

So i've been busy recently. I went to see The Hoosiers on the 12th but never actually got inside due to Eppy and a ticket mix-up. Instead I got to meet his mate Tom again and we went to a couple of real ale pubs before getting home for the early start on Saturday.

I was of course kidding myself that we'd be setting off from Sowerby Bridge at 7:30 but 8:15 wasn't bad. The journey down was quiet and we arrived about 11:15. We then had a donut and went to London, catching the train almost to the second. I've not been to London since the big win and we went in the same way, past Highbury which now just looks like four blocks of flats and the ever impressive Emirates Stadium which says Emirates on more than it does Arsenal!

The eight of us then went to a pasty shop with a pub above it for lunch. I think this was in Covent Garden but we kept losing people so i'm not sure as we kept changing direction. Not a classic Rosie walk though - no mountains! We then went to The Tate Modern Gallery to see a crack or shibboleth or something. There'll be some pictures on my Facebook profile when my Bluetooth works. It was interesting and nice to do a touristy thing whilst in the capital. Later we went for a drink by the river and then a chinese... erm... somewhere (after getting a bit lost again (Kate's fault this time). We then returned to Letchworth for gin.

Sunday morning didn't really happen for me. We had a nice lunch at The Anchor in Hitchin although Raff was working and Lu had gone back to Ireland so there was less of us. We then played pool. Boys vs girls was a bit unfair really so after the two Johns and I had beaten Sarah, Kate and Rosie twice we went for north vs other (i say other as i can't really call Nottingham south). I couldn't make up for having Kate and JJ on my side. It was quite close until Kate potted the black. I then beat Mr Frank for our final game. We then went home and it was another quiet journey up. Thanks to John for teaching me how to use my speed limiter and cruise control as I was playing with it all the way back!

Also thanks to Rosie for having us and Raff for putting up with us for the weekend. It was fun and great to see most people again.


At Wed Oct 24, 07:13:00 pm 2007, Blogger Dozy Rosie said...

I would say you're welcome - but you're not if you insist on calling me a southerner. Grrr! I will never be a southerner! I only live here, that doesn't count...

At Wed Oct 24, 08:50:00 pm 2007, Blogger Toph said...

I carefully skirted around that term but using "other"!


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