Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another New Record!

Since last week i've been working - a lot. Me and Kate did the quiz and her mum came adding 25 points to our score from last week but still only making us finish 6th out of 11. We've still not been in the prizes since New Year's Day!

I was out with Rob and Ann on Friday but Ann was ill so it was just me and Rob in Halifax for the 2nd week running. Things were just going normal, drinking in Jaks as usual. The gents toilets were flooded so we had to use the ladies while the ladies used... the other ladies toilets! Ryan Thomas (Jason from Coronation Street) came and commented how busy it was compared to Manchester's Jumpin Jaks. It won't be that busy for some time as next week the Coliseum reopens as Club Liquid while Maine Street still remains the same (i think).

My brother turned up and bought me a drink. Then more drink. Then this woman who'd spoken to me earlier was talking to Rob so I stayed with Phil and drank. Suddenly it was 3:30 and i'd had 11 SI and a couple of VK Oranges. I felt quite sick all Saturday but wasn't ill. I guess I must be a hardcore drinker now (not)!


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