Monday, November 19, 2007

Not Totally Tee Total

I should write about the last three weekends.

Bonfire weekend to start with and Lucy came over from Ireland. We went out in Rastrck with JJ and Caroline. I drove to make it easier and because i'd been drunk every weekend but one since July which is just crazy.

The weekend after was a double party weekend. I once again drove for both the above reasons. Firstly was a band reunion at Brighouse Sports Club for old members of Clifton & Lightcliffe Brass Band. I didn't know many people but it was good to see Jane, John and Michael again. So at about 9:15 I set off for Skelmanthorpe Cricket Club which I reached about 25 minutes later for Richard and Cassie's engagement party. This was also good and well attended.

Last weekend I went out with Rob in Halifax ending up in Jaks on Friday and did exactly the same on Saturday with Kate. This time though I was drinking both nights. I've not done a double weekender for a while but it seemed to go ok. Should be good practice for the madness that promises to be the week before Christmas.


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