Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nearly Winners, Nearly Losers, Patrick Off To Oz

Last week's quiz went really well until the final round. Kate, her mum, JJ, Caroline and I were joint 1st going into the final round. Alas, we came 6th out of 9 with 83 out of 137 after getting just 4/20 in the picture round. The poor form continued this week without Steph and Caroline as we were last going into the final round. We ended up 10th out of 11 with 68 out of 133. We were only 10th after winning the tie break so we won a big bag of mini Dime Bars despite not finishing last. The tie break question was "How many England caps did Paul Gascoigne get?" JJ and Kate were no help so I went for 58. The other team went for 65. The correct answer being 57. I asked Phil (my brother) when I got home and he said "I dunno erm 58?" Spooky or what?!

Former work colleague Patrick celebrated his last night in Huddersfield on Friday before moving on to warmer pastures in Australia. It was good to see loads of old faces again like Patrick, Andy, Tom, Kevin (and wife), and Dave and was a good mix of old and new. It was just like the good old days again which I still miss but times change, people come and go and that's life I guess. All the best to Patrick and Anne-Marie on their new start from December.


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