Thursday, December 06, 2007

Studying, Stress

2 or 3 people (not sure who but I have a rough idea) have been checking for posts recently so to reward them here is one.

I went shopping last ~Friday which was rubbish cos it was shopping! Most of the rest of my time has been taken up by studying. I've also been visiting my grandad in hospital. He went in, then caught pneumonia and had a heart attack but is now described as poorly but stable. My parents are on holiday for two weeks so me and Phil are on grandparent duty for that time.

In other news in was a bit windy yesterday and it blew the pilate light out for my hot water. It's a pain in the arse to get it back on, twisting a knob 90 degrees until a flame appears (works about one every 25 times). My knob fell off this morning though so i'll have to see if it can be mended without expense.

I'm stressing over other stuff too which isn't helping me. Hopefully after the exam on Monday I'll chill out a bit and update this more too! Break over, back to work.


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