Sunday, December 23, 2007

Summary Since Last Time

I need to catch up a bit as things have been busy recently. I'll do a very quick summary in this post then fill in the details in the next post or two.

Last time I posted I was stressed and the month wasn't going well. Since then it has gone from bad to terrible to bad to awful so i'd be lying if I said it had been the greatest December in history. So, to sum up in one sentence, here goes:-

My grandad died very early Saturday morning leaving me sleepless and severely lacking revision before my exam on Monday which turned out not to go too bad in the end but me and Phil were left to look after my grandma with my parents still being on holiday and our family friend having to work so we had to go to the airport to tell them so that night i got really tired and really drunk to try and get over my really bad cold and ended up being an arse and am now one friend short however sometimes these things turn out to be for the best.

Sorry if you haven't received a Christmas card from me by the way - don't feel left out as no-one has. I hope to resume normal service next year. Merry Christmas to all readers anyway though.

Now to start on the detailed posts.


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