Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Busy Times Having Fun

I haven't posted for a while mainly due to me not having more than five minutes on the computer because my life has been full recently.

On Thursday I went to see Franz Ferdinand with some people from work at St Georges Hall in Bradford. They were great and I'd recommend them to anyone else who likes their music. They were certainly better than Javine was the other week but that's not difficult.

On Friday I went for a quiet drink with Rosie and JJ in Halifax but we seemed a bit hyper so went into Halifax and spent a couple of hours in Jumpin Jaks. I'd like to thank the bouncer who let me in when I clearly wasn't dressed for going there. We all got tired quite early (well 1:00) and I took the others home with Rosie laying on the back seat.

Saturday was a night out in Huddersfield after helping to carpet tile the kitchen floor all day. Not much interesting to report except a girl who danced like a boxer which was quite amusing or maybe it was because I was a bit tipsy.

People in Halifax met up with Lucy on Sunday who was over from Ireland for the weekend and it was nice to see her again.

We lost the quiz yesterday. After being told on Sunday that the same team had been losing every week we decided to show them how to lose properly. Not sure they were there though as we lost my a very healthy margin.

Tomorrow I'm going to St Andrews to watch Birmingham City play Fulham in the Carling Cup with David (one of the partners at work) as he is a Blues fan. I think I'll continue this post in another post as I wish to expand the football theme.


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