Saturday, June 11, 2005

Public Transport or Cars and The Proposed New Road Charging Scheme

Long title! I had to get a bus today as my car was being serviced and it made me think about their safety. While I was being thrown around I thought, why are seatbelts required on coaches but not buses? Coaches are more comfortable but standing is not permitted (on some) whereas it is encouraged on buses by handles like on tube trains. Then to get the bus back I had to wait for one. They come every 20 minutes which isn't too bad i guess but how can they be expected to keep to a timetable when their movements depend on the business of traffic at the time. It turned up 7 minutes late or 13 minutes earlyas it was very quiet this morning. I much prefer my car. It didn't get valeted (or is it valetted) as they only valet it on weekdays but the guy said if I ever want it cleaning i can take there.

This week the Government proposed a new road charging scheme. This would be done by tracking the movement of every car by satellites. It would result in reduction of petrol prices and less or no road tax. It would work by charging drivers for every mile they drive. 2p per mile would be charged for driving on quiet country roads at non peak times while £1.30 per mile would be charged for driving on busy motorways at peak time. For me this would mean if I was driving to Leeds working 9 to 5 a probable cost of £18 per day (plus parking). If I was going to the city centre I would get the train but, being an auditor, I tend to travel to businesses which tend to be on the outskirts therefore making it impractical to go via train then bus with 2 huge cases to carry too.

It's a good idea to only tax people who are using the road however it could mean people couldn't afford to get to work and some people will end up paying huge amounts which will more than make up for those paying very little, probably leaving the Government with more money. For me personally I'd probably be better off under the new scheme so I'm for it.

A quick game to check you were reading. Title of a song in the above post, what is it?


At Sat Jun 11, 02:44:00 pm 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doves - Satellites
Dolly Parton - 9 to 5
Lisa Loeb - Probably

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