Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Weekend TV, Transfer Request

After finishing playing poker on Friday night after discovering this was a bad idea (made a lot more than I lost to make up for it over the weekend by the way) I decided to tune in to Quizmania which is a silly late night quiz show yet strangely addictive when it comes to a choice between watching that or going to bed. There was a question where you had to name ball games and hope they were on the "prize ladder". Snooker and tennis were there then there was a slow period when no-one won. This period included someone ringing in and suggesting "quoits" which got a very strange look from the presenter and someone else who didn't know why she was ringing up or what to do. Once the instructions had been relayed to her she opted for "badminton" as her answer. It's a funny show to watch after a late night out and I'll probably do it again.

This was more watched than Celebrity Big Brother Live which consisted of Michael Barrymore snoring very loudly and everyone else lying awake no doubt wanting to kill him! Other TV included the Manchester derby which City won for a pleasant change, Chelsea beating Sunderland therefore mathematically ending Sunderland's hopes of winning the Premiership, and the BDO (British arts Organisation) darts final. This was won by Jelle Klaasen of Holland. But as stated many times before Eric Bristow backed me up by saying it was a good evening of "amateur darts".

I'm currently lying 34th in Sun Dream Team and would like to take all advice possible on transfers in the quickly approaching 2nd transfer window. My team is currently, Jaaskelainen, Terry, Del (Derek) Horno, Mullins, A Ferdinand, Gerrard, MG Pedersen, Bullard, Henry, McBride and D Bent. Hope you can help.


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