Saturday, March 24, 2007

Playstation 3 Day 1

Phil and I went to collect our Playstation 3 from Game in Huddersfield at 7am yesterday when it opened. There was a queue of about 30 people in front of us including the guy directly in front of us who had forgotten to bring his order form in. He was very unhappy at not being allowed to collect his console after queueing for almost an hour and swore at the guy who told him he needed the order form. What an idiot!

Once it was working, we downloaded Gran Turismo HD Concept 2.0, and a demo of Formula One Championship Edition which kept us entertained for the morning. On GT we set the fastest time in Europe on with a couple of cars on the reverse tracks although this isn't because we're great, it's because only 3 other people had posted times. The graphics on the formula one game were so good they were better than watching a live race on tv which i suppose is to be expected since the tv coverage hasn't reached high definition yet.

The afternoon and evening was spent on Motorstorm, a dirt racer which again has awesome graphics and provides good racing entertainment. I was however very tired so had an early night. Such a tough day you see.

PS I did try to write this last night but I think my laptop objected to being on all day and kept freezing. Hopefully this will not continue.


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