Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Time to Update - Part 2 - Final Week at Work

After the weekend in Scarborough it was my final week at work because I handed my notice in on Monday and they said I could leave at the end of the week (as was originally planned - see earlier post).

I am now working at a firm of accountants in Huddersfield who may continue my training further down the line and the journey is also much better (about 40 minutes quicker). My final week was very sad as most people told me it was probably better for me but not for the firm.

When I handed my notice in the guys on our table made a comedy list of who to replace me. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Charlotte Church and Grotbags were all on the list which ended up having 50 names on! On my final day, I was the most senior member of staff there (technically anyway) as everyone else was on a course. So as it was a special occasion, a Hearts Championship was formed. A new record was set by Edward (a company record) of 2 which was almost matched by me in the next game but the buggers gave me the queen. Anyway, I finished top of the table at lunchtime which means I retire as champion.

I'd just like to say a big thank you to Eppy, Paul, and Edward for a good game and those 3 and Kate and David for helping make my employment there as enjoyable as possible. Oh and to the only 2 senior members of staff not to wish me well who were both responsible for my training I'd like to

The above text has been censored.


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