Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Time to Update - Part 3 - Nottingham

After leaving work at lunchtime on Friday, I visited Ed along with Kate and JJ and was excellently driven there by Rosie. We went for a curry with about 23 others. The curry was very big and sweet so I couldn't manage it all. Then we all went back to Ed's house and drunk lots. There was a nice cocktail which, as informed when Rosie was washing up on Sunday is the only use the washing-up bowl gets.

After about 3 hours sleep I woke up hungover and stayed like that for about 6 hours. After a pub breakfast (more like lunch) the 9 of us remaining went ice skating. This was fun though I found standing up properly difficult so was tending to weirdly bend my ankles whilst skating. This resulted in them swelling and aching. I also fell on the area leaving the ice and my knee is a purply black colour and have huge blisters but it was still fun.

Soon after there was just 5 of us, and we played Jenga (which I lost at once), and a card game, Uno (which I lost at once but was less than impressed with John's rule changing and pleased to see him lose the next game). The same pub as earlier was visited for the evening meal. Then we played pool. Regular readers will know I like to play pool (especially win). Sadly I only won one game as John proved superior to me in game one. This was nice in a way as i've not played against anyone who looked like beating me since July. In game two I beat Ed even after potting the white 4 times and playing like an ass. In game three all was going to plan until the black went in. Don't think Rosie will be letting me forget that in a hurry. Watched Pulp Fiction. Went to bed. Got up. Went home.

Not seen a full football match for a couple of weeks now. Why? Part 4 has the answer!


At Thu Nov 18, 07:16:00 pm 2004, Blogger Dozy Rosie said...

I'm sure I could have beaten you even if the black hadn't gone down!

Hope your ankles are feeling better now.


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