Saturday, February 26, 2005

Growing Young

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Thursday saw the heaviest snowfall for some time. Not heavy enough for me to not get to work though. People did walk up to 5 miles to get in but I just walked the 10 minutes to the train station and was a bit late. I have no excuse really as I can see Huddersfield train station from my window at work. Not everyone turned up as some people were really snowed in around Holmfirth (where Last Of The Summer Wine is filmed) and Skelmanthorpe (where Where The Heart Is is filmed) and the main topic of conversation, especially as the snow continued in the morning was whether we'd get sent home. It's a while since snow has caused so much excitement. However as the snow turned to sleet, a 5 o'clock finish was always on the cards.

We did go out for lunch though, and as it was someone's birthday, we went to a favourite party venue for 7 year olds. As you may have already gathered from the picture we went to Wimpy. Sadly Mr Wimpy (pictured) was not there. Service was quick, food was good and so it was a good lunch.

I was quite ill though all day on Thursday so I went to bed after work. I just have a cold now. Maybe lots of alcohol tonight will help :-)


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