Tuesday, April 26, 2005

High Bids, Adverts & A Bit Of Football

Huddersfield are still mathematically in with a chance of reaching the play-offs with two games to go but the important this is now they are two points ahead of Bradford. Chelsea beat, Portsmouth beat Southampton and Arsenal beat Spurs - no surprises there, especially with Arsenal as they have now not lost in any of their last 25 London derbies but Spurs have only won 2 in their last 35. Cambridge United got relegated this weekend meaning they will play Halifax next season - A match I'm sure anonymous won't want to miss!

I've been on eBay this weekend as I was quite bored. I bought a snooker cue which arrived today and a ticket to the final session of the second semi-final of snooker. This will be between hendry or Stevens versus McManus or McCulloch and I am likely to be on TV as I'm on the 2nd row near the middle, probably on the left a bit. I only paid £8.25 (including postage) above the actual price of the ticket which I think is good as they are like golddust, especially those near the front but I am a little concerned the match might finish before the last session which would be a bugger.

The San Marino Grand Prix was good on Sunday only ruined by 1) lack of rain for the 25th consecutive year, 2) the track being rubbish for the 25th consecutive year (not usually a fan of this grand prix) and 3) ITV putting adverts on 3 laps before the end of the race just as it was at it's most exciting. This must've annoyed everyone watching but I was so annoyed ITV got an e-mail from me expressing my anger. They say in a comment that the positions stayed the same so it didn't really matter. Er yes it does. Put them on after the race or when it's boring not when it's exciting. Not bloody rocket science is it?


At Tue Apr 26, 09:57:00 pm 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

unfortunately i won't be able to travel to either cambridge's or halifax's grounds next season :-(


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