Friday, April 01, 2005

Search Mystery

My tracker tells me what people who have arrived at posts on my blog have searched for. Today has been a very strange day for search engine visitors. First I find I am 9th on google when Mr Motivator is typed in which is quite high and so not that unusual. Then someone found my blog by searching for Skelmanthorpe (a small village outside Huddersfield) where I was 351st on Google which I thought was quite a long way down the list. That was until someone searched for bollards on Yahoo which didn't give me the number I was at. So I searched for it. To keep myself amused while trying to find what number I was at, I have linked sites to places where my regular readers live.

At 170 I found this showing a "highly regarded Cambridge bollard"! At 311 I found this which reminded me a bit of Ed's sleeping website ClaudeStreet. At 314 i found this which is the least interesting yet. At 332 i found this which is quite amusing and also the only Nottingham bollard related site. At 490 i found this which is a huge article about the effects of bollards on a Cambridge street. It means nothing to me but to those Cambridge people it could prove very useful. At 653 i found this. Ok so it's not a place but I thought it was quite apt :-) This story was at 712 for which the site has sadly died "along the pavement and ended up wedged between a row of bollards and a college wall in Cambridge. Bizarre: Volvo wedged between bollards and college wall after smash ..." Wow sounds amazing! At 898 I found this. By this point things are getting desperate as you can tell by finding the letter "b" on the Cambridgeshire Government website. At 1,000 I decided to let the search beat me but alas on 997 I got the message that there were no more unique websites relating to bollards. How could someone find my site on the Yahoo search when it's not even there?! Somehow they ended up here bollards. Why are there so many Cambridge bollard related sites?!

I'm quite bored tonight. Anyway that killed an hour...


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