Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sarah married John nearly a couple of weeks ago. What a lovely happy day it was.

The service took place at All Saints Church in Halifax. It was nice to go to church again, especially for such a happy occasion. Photos were then taken inside the church as it was raining. We then went on to the afternoon reception at Southwood masonic lodge where we waited ages to be fed. It was worth the wait though as the food was superb and not small in portions either.

After more photos in the garden, we went to Old Crossleyans clubhouse where a Ceilidh (irish dancing) took place. I danced a bit when I found a girl who'd have me though to be fair I was only turned down by one girl (the same one as Ed (who has written a far more comprehensive review) as it happens) so I had a good time.

I did find myself getting quite tipsy after a good 8 hours of drinking (didn't touch one Smirnoff Ice) and this was confirmed when I repeated things which Ed has said but louder and receiving funny looks. I should probably also apologise to the guy who I told looked like Keith from The Office! I also noticed myself talking to people in the same accent that they talked to me (Canadian, Irish etc) but I'm quite sure I do this anyway. I wasn't too badly behaved and don't recall offending anyone too much :-)

All in all a great day and hopefully Sarah and John will have a long and happy life together.


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