Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Visit To Robin Hood's Bay

I was in Robin Hood's Bay at JJ's cottage from Friday to Monday which was a nice break from everyday life. Ed and Rosie joined us and then Kate also joined us for Friday night only. We stayed in the village for Friday and it rained lots and lots on Saturday so didn't do much then either other than get wet. There was a mini "Rosie Walk" when she suggested cutting through the car park which led only to a fence and someone's house but this cost us only a few minutes unlike other occasions.

We went to Whitby on Sunday including up the Abbey and up the lighthouse on the pier. then we went on a walk to Boggle Hole and back which was nice. We lost in a quiz and then it was Monday and home time:-( Lots of alcohol was consumed which made the weekend all the more fun, even the Saturday night stagger was quite enjoyable. "Step Alert!"

Ed brought a box of fruit with him. A big wide rectangular box it was. JJ carried it down and received the most strange looks I have ever seen. It was like the villagers had never seen fruit before. Maybe they'd never seen a box! Suggestions were made that the headline on the next month of the local paper type newsletter thing (Bayfair) should be "Fruit Enters Bay!" Well it was funny at the time.

Here are Ed's pictures of the weekend.


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