Monday, June 20, 2005

I Know What My Knob Is For! (More Car Revelations)

Thanks to Ed, I now know what my knob does. As stated in the comments to the post it does indeed affect the intermittency of the wipers when the weather is drizzly or there is spray on the road. It is not the most effective bit of kit especially as i nudged it today in the bright sunshine and it felt the need to put the wipers on however I know what it is which is pleasing. I'm quite sure I know everything about my car now.

Oh there is one more thing :-) Since my car went for a service last week it says Maintenance Reminder on the drive computer whenever I turn the engine/ignition on. I guess they've forgotten to reset it and it doesn't really matter. Just another curious thing about Magical Mikey.

I had to use a pool car at work the other week. It felt really weird putting a key in the lock. I then put it back in my pocket forgetting I needed it to turn the ignition on!


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