Monday, June 13, 2005

The Ashes 2005 Twenty20 Prequel

England first real match of the 2005 summer season was played today. I say real because playing Bangladesh and then Hampshire were always going to be walkovers. In short we thrashed the Aussies at Twenty20! It was just your general full of action twenty20 game until Australia were 23-0 then a few overs later, all their specialist batsmen were out and it was 31-7. Just great to win and looks like The Ashes will be a really hard fought series. Also really looking forward to the Twenty20 cup now. I was seriously considering cancelling my Sky subscription for a couple of months but it's worth it just for that and football. Haven't watched a movie on it this year though so maybe that's a waste!It's nice to have it there though. I ramble. Anyway bring on The Ashes!


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