Thursday, January 26, 2006

New Motoring Low

Many people will be aware that I am a careful and safe driver (usually anyway)who doesn't often tet the speed limits however I have hit a new low even for me. It's just over 6 years since I passed my test (wow that makes me feel quite old) and driving down from Bradley Bar Roundabout towards Huddersfield I overtook a cyclist. Overtaking - something I don't get up to very often but cyclists are an exception to the rule.

I then slowed down for Asda Roundabout but carried on still in 3rd gear however I saw in my mirrors the aforementioned cyclist not bother with slowing down. He then continued to accelerate down the hill and pulled as I slowed to 38 down past the speed camera next to Clegg Wools he pulled out and overtook me on the inside. I was sorely tempted to veer into him to teach him a lesson. I don't think the camera flashed, hopefully not for his sake or next time I see him I'll have words.

Anyway after being caught up in Fartown traffic I eventually overtook him again on the ring road. Haha not so fast up hills are you mate?! This beats my previous worst feat of being overtaken by a Smart car on a motorway which I'm sure Ed mentions on his blog somewhere but I can't find it.

I did find lots of pictures in Ed's Gallery which brought back some nice memories and also reminded me of people I haven't thought about for a while. Maybe looking in the gallery was the reason I was unlikely to find the text I was looking for! Oops.


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