Thursday, January 26, 2006

No Sleep

Wow no posts for nine days and then 3 come along at once. Better to keep them short I find as rumour has it that people don't get to the end of long posts as they stop reading when it gets boring.

I've not done much interesting really apart from work hard and not sleep. I'm very busy at work with 31st January deadline day looming. It's also transfer deadline day where I make my potentially big money making decisions in Dream Team. I've been going to bed at reasonable hours most of the week but in the last 7 days I haven't got to sleep before 2 o'clock so i'm currently very tired and looking forward to the weekend.

I think this is mainly due to me worrying about my exam result but there's nothing I can do now about it. I still worry due to bad happenings last time but as I was told it would - everything worked out fine in the end. Hopefully it'll be 3rd time lucky on the old Business Management and a score of 55% or greater will be achieved. I now eagerly await my text at 5pm tomorrow.

On the weekend nights I watched a bit of Quizmania again which is rubbish late night tv viewing but it's one of those shows that is so bad, it's good! They have a Dingbats game and it showed the word BRAIN with a wave underneath. The wave wasn't easy to make out so the host gave a clue as to what the answer was by saying, "So you've got the brain with a wave underneath it. Brain. Wave. You get it?" At that point they take the caller who guesses the answer as, "Brainwash!" "Ooh close but we can't accept that answer!" says Greggles patronisingly. Another Dingbat came on later. The word NOT above what was obviously a cup of tea. The host then gives the clue, "It's a cup of tea, and it's not mine." A tough one. They take a caller who gives the answer, "Not coffee, tea!" While this is a common phrase about twice a day at work (only jesting) it's not really used as much as "Not my cup of tea" The 3rd and final one was a list of soups where callers had to name types of soup. Tomato and chicken were already there and then someone guesses "Supermarket." Not surprisingly they didn't win Always good for a laugh after a heavy night out.

Oh dear it seems to have turned into one of those long boring posts so I could just right anything about certain people here as they'll have stopped reading long ago. But I won't - nothing bad to say and maybe the end of the post has been reached!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow and no doubt the result will appear here over the weekend.


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