Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wikky Wikky Wi-Fi

We've moved onto wireless broadband now at home so my parents can use their laptops on the interenet and my brother can use his own computer and give me more time on old faithful I guess. 7 years old and heavily upgraded she's still going strong. I'm hoping i've remembered correctly that the signal can only travel downwards and not upwards otherwise the computer will be moving from it's current position on the landing to somewhere downstairs. Hmmm second thoughts, it might go in my room then ;-) I feel if this were the case Ed may get a call but even super Ed (without Spotty that is) I feel cannot change direction of signal.

Anyway I'm getting out of my depth with this topic so more posts soon if it keeps working.


At Thu Jan 26, 09:28:00 pm 2006, Blogger Ed said...

Erm, the signals can go up and down and to the left and to the right...


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