Sunday, March 12, 2006

CASSH Dinner 2006

The dinner, held on 3rd March was at Huddersfield Rugby Club and, with just a couple of hours to go until the start, the weather was somewhat snowy. Sam, Cheryl and I delivered balloons to the venue which proved far less eventful thn I thought it would with them all being nicely packed in black bin liners for us. Due to the weather though, I didn't get home until 6 o'clock. Fortuneately the snow eased off in the next hour or so and I made it back at 7:20ish to find most people already there.

We soon got sat down at tables and ours was quite cramped to say the least but we all squeezed up and it was fine. The food was leek and potato soup, chicken, and apple crumble which all tasted ok but there did seem to be a mix-up over the main course numbers which held things up a little. Cheryl nd I went round selling raffle tickets raising a good amount for charity. We then played some games, had the quiz answers, and drew the raffle, which I won again. A box of chocolates this time was the prize which seem to be slowly improving as my winning streak continues.

After the disco, Kevin H gave us a lift into town and we went to the members lounge in The Cotton Factory. It got to about 12:30 and I'd been quite shy most of the evening but then I suddenly found a new lease of life and joined in with the group that remained. Patrick and I followed a few people from the dinner to Tokyo where we stayed until 3am to complete the night. There were still around 10 people from the dinner (the tux (which tends to attract attention from many people in town) gave me away I think) left at the end which was a good achievement. Well done and big thanks to all of the committee who were involved with the dinner without whom it could not have taken place.


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