Saturday, March 11, 2006

Catch Up Continued

I went to watch Huddersfield Town play Doncaster Rovers on the Saturday after the dinner. We didn't really deserve to win but after leading twice, a 2-2 draw was quite a disappointing result. I also watched Town on Sky against Swansea which was another 2-2 where we did deserve to lose. Last night we did lose to Hartlepool who are near the bottom. It looks like the play-offs are the best we can hope for now.

I went to the 4th Annual Bradford Park Avenue Quiz Night on Monday 27th February which was good fun. It was a quiz out of 100 totally on football. Our team (David, Leigh, James and I) won, with me being very much the 4th member of the team. Some of the questions were very obscure and yet one of us generally knew the answer, getting over 80 correct. That won us 6 cans of Tetley's each. We got our picture taken with the trophy but I'm not sure where that will be displayed.

There's nothing much else that i've done in the past couple of the weeks that is worthy of blogging now except for in the next couple of posts which deserve their own posts.


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