Monday, March 13, 2006

The Feeling

On Friday night Eppy and I went to see The Feeling who are currently in the top ten with their debut hit Sewn. Sewn went in the charts last week and dropped only 2 places to 9 this week but this gig was booked long before they had dreamed of top ten stardom as they played at the tiny venue of Bar One Twenty (Bar 120) in Huddersfield.

We went to the wrong place to begin with due to a mix up on some website but wisely deduced that Bar One Twenty was the place to be. The longish queue outside gave it away. It was cold but not wet however the queue was heaving with teenagers aged 13 -17 mainly I would estimate. It was then announced that anyone without ID proving they were over 16 (have licensing laws changed recently? to be fair there was a sign at the bar saying no ID no alcohol) would not get in. The couple in front of us got stopped and the boy showed his ID and left his girlfriend with no ID outside! Eppy (22) then got asked for ID. We still aren't sure if he was joking though.

The Feeling were preceded by Norweigan support band "Lorraine" who were very good and a bit like a cross between The Kaizer Chiefs and A-Ha (might be a little difficult to imagine). The bar then got a little busier and we felt our ages again rather than feeling about 45 in the queue!

Then came the main act, a big cheer as they appeared from backstage (the kitchen) and they played about eight songs over 45 minutes including top ten hit Sewn and slow song Rose (with an accent pronounced Ro-zay). They finished on an upbeat number which is certain to be huge in the future.

We stopped for a few more Smirnoff Ices (beer in Eppy's case) and then went to stand by the door (odd, i thought). Then the band were packing their instruments away and Eppy stopped the lead singer and introduced us and had a nice little chat with them. 3 other members of the band followed(!) and they were all very polite and nice guys even though they must have been really tired and just wanting to leave.

I am a fan and it was a top gig and I predict that the band, The Feeling, will be nominated for many BRIT Awards in 2007. It is also unlikely they will play in such a small venue for the foreseeable future. A great night.

New blog feature begins tomorrow (all being well)!!!


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