Sunday, February 18, 2007

BADCASS (Bradford) Dinner 2007

Last Friday (9th) was to be my 5th Bradford student dinner. I wonder how long I can keep up this student thing? Anyway, it's always a good chance to meet up with old mates from MGIWB and any other people who I may know.

Looking back to last year I had the same meal even though the venue was different this year being at The Midland Hotel rather than The Hilton.

It snowed outside but that didnn't seem to deter anyone. So who did I meet? Well, other than the usual, Not Nicola from last year was there but I didn't try and luck and if she was Rachel or Joanne or anything. I don't want a restraining order. During Come On Eileen (which seemed to get me quite active) there as a girl, we'll call her R to protect her identity. She was big and scary looking but luckily just after we'd got introduced last orders was called for so I slipped away for my final Smirnoff Ice of the night. I'm not sure why, but it was served in a glass.

Then there was another girl, D, during Angels. I knew her from my AAT days at FT around 5 years ago and she was well impressed that I remembered her name. Anyway, nothing really happened which is why it's appearing here. I then went with the 6 remaining MGIWB people for a curry but after walking round the city centre in the snow for half an hour I decided to get a taxi and call that the end of the night at just before 2am. Another good evening.


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