Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Clan Clean Sweep

The Cricket World Cup started today, with West Indies beating Pakistan. Not much else to say about that.

We were back to a team of five at the quiz last night but came 7th out 7 with a respectable 85 out of 138. I was pretty good last night getting more than a couple (thanks to Ed (sorry no link but not sure how the new blog thing works yet and i'm not messing around being semi intelligent with HTML tonight) for your couple of answers) of answers right (the irony being i'm currently listening (on Listen Again) to Comedy Dave saying "Let's Get Ready To Ramble"). Anyway we were beaten by a couple who got 93 and came 6th so the quality was high and we won a box of Quality Street for our efforts.

Then came the raffle. My palindrome 494 came out first and I won a bottle of rum and cola mix or something. After a couple of conversations I've had today with Steph and my dad, i've decided to add this to the Mother's Day present for the year along with a box of chocolates. Anyway, back to the subject, Kate's mum then won a Guinness t-shirt, Lucy's dad won a fridge magnet and Caroline had her first win (i think) with a DVD of Legends Of The Fall so as the title suggests, a clean sweep for people connected to the Clan.


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