Thursday, March 22, 2007

Toph The Innovator

I'm normally among the early to late majority when making big purchases but tomorrow I become an innovator. I'm picking up my Playstation 3 at 7am and have taken the day off work for the pleasure. I was going to say i'm going to play with myself all weekend but people might get the wrong idea so i'll re-phrase that and hopefully be playing on Motorstorm and Resistance: Fall Of Man on the 42" HD beast for three days. I'll let readers know how it's going when Phil is having his go.

Ireland have now qualified for the Super 8's in the cricket world cup which is good. Hopefully England will join them at the weekend.

We didn't do well in the quiz with 76 out of 139 partly due to not texting anyone or using the internet but mainly because we didn't need to be good as we still came 6th out of 10. I was especially crap but won a decent bottle of wine with mine being the first raffle ticket out for the second week in a row.


At Fri Mar 23, 04:06:00 pm 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy playing let us know how it goes or do we want to know!


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