Monday, May 07, 2007

Bank Holiday Weekend

While snooker is finishing and my laptop is working, i'll write a short summary of the weekend.

On Friday night I went to Halifax with Kate, JJ and Caroline where I had a couple of pints and a couple of cocktails before going onto the usual before I got completely drunk. As usual when round town, I ended up bumping into a few old faces and it was really nice to see Liz again (and Caroline and Sally too) and also Terry in Maine Street. I've not been to Maine Street since the fire but it's exactly the same except there's no entrance to the Coliseum anymore which is due to reopen in August/September under a different name whereas Maine Street's future remains unconfirmed.

On Saturday I went to The Crucible (see posts before and after this one). Yesterday the same quartet as Friday went to see Spiderman 3 which wasn't a very social occasion but at least it got me out of the house. The film had some good action sequences in but the love story side of it was rather immoral and cliched. Pretty good though as it should be being the most expensive film ever made. Also than i've ever seen - £6.25 - I remember going to see The Full Monty at the ABC Cinema in Halifax (now Jumpin Jaks of course) and it costing £2.80 I think. Just shows i'm getting old.

Today i've slept and watched snooker. I should be sleeping now but snooker is still going. Yawn. Can't miss the end can I?!


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