Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tom & Lisa's Leaving Do & CASSH BBQ

A busy night it was on Friday. I'd been off work all day so I was out from 5:00 until whenever. We went to Head Of Steam for three hours then to Tokyo for the BBQ. There were enough people there to make it a success so thanks to those that turned up. It was nice to see old some old faces return too.

It all went well for me until about 12:45 then stuff happened which isn't really bloggable making this quite a dull post but if you want details just ask me by commenting and leaving contact details or Facebook, MSN, or e-mail me.

So what can I say to make this post remotely interesting? Here goes. I had 2 Stellas, 7 SIs and 2 Aftershocks (passing "The Aftershock Challenge" in the process). This was a lot but I felt fine until about 7am when I was quite sick and my hangover didn't go until about 4pm.

I should also give credit to my taxi driver who was a very nice guy explaining why what had happened happened. He said it's because some bouncers take steroids and it pumps them up and gives them the need for violence (there was no actual violence). He also said that I should not change from being the nice guy I am and one day I would get what I deserve for being nice. Maybe he's right and so I probably won't change my ways though I do feel I'm due some My Name Is Earl Style karma. Mr taxi driver got some in way of a bigger tip than normal and that was it. A good night overall but it would've been nice to be able to say bye to people.


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