Wednesday, September 12, 2007

BBQ In The Dark, D Becomes S

The last two quizzes have been as expected really. 84 out of 137 for 7th out of 9 with Kate, JJ and Caroline joining me and yesterday there was only Kate and myself getting 69 (haven't had one of those for a while) out of 136 coming 9th out of 10 which was very respectable as we didn't receive any outside help either (yeah I know that's how it should be but it's not)!

Summer has arrived. It seemed to start when Rihanna's "Umbrella" (ella ella eh eh eh)got knocked off number one. Maybe i'll write about crappy music in another post. Anyway, it's mid September and still warm and sunny so JJ, Caroline, Kate and I went for a walk erm somewhere! It was near West End golf club I think. That was Thursday.

On Friday with the fiancees off on a dirty weekend (or something) it was just me and Kate to have a BBQ. It was a crappy little BBQ and we didn't start cooking until 7:30. Sausages were done by 8:00 then it was burger time. These took about 50 minutes to cook by which time it was dark (so dark my phone light had to be used to check the colour of the meat). The BBQ was quite dead by now so we drank lots of wine.

In work news I don't really know where I am now. I've been at a clients for the last eight working days and sat at nine different desks in my short time in the office. I don't think there are any more desks I could possibly sit at.

Other news - Sarah D got married. There's plenty pictures on Facebook and she'll be now known as Sarah S in the sidebar!


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