Sunday, September 02, 2007

New Laptop, 20 Beers, Strange Shop

It's not been an exciting week by any means. I have bought a new laptop as some of you are aware which is proving reliable so far. This coincidentally means I've started playing poker again a bit. I was meant to tidy the house up in my week off work but haven't really got round to it taking chilling out to the extreme. It's back to it tomorrow though as I start officially in my new role auditing half of the time and also move my desk if it hasn't been moved already. It should be ok but will require focus and also I will have to learn to say no. It's an important word in life and work as doing too much too often will see me being taken advantage of without any reward - and I don't want that.

On a less serious note, I was out with Rob on Friday and had five pints taking my total number of beers drunk in August to 20 which must be a new record. I'm still not exactly a drinking machine though and to be honest I think it's unlikely that this fairly mediocre feat will be achieved again.

Phil and I went to Tesco yesterday for another weekly shop. On our way out there were a group of lads surrounding my car who appeared to have just jumped out of a minibus. We got closer and a guy had collapsed next to my car so I couldn't leave. I think he'd had a bit too much to drink but was also diabetic and low on sugar so although he was breathing, he was unconscious (in a coma according to a Tesco medic). Anyway after five minutes or so an ambulance came and he was taken away and that was the last we saw of him. I think he'll be ok though.


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