Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rubbish Sport, Lazy Day

Last week England and Scotland lost at football making qualification for Eurp 2008 very difficult. The rest of the home nations are already out. England lost the Rugby World Cup final. Sad but expected I suppose. Lewis Hamilton lost a 17 point lead with 2 races to go and handed Kimi Raikkonen the Formula One title. Not a good time to be a British sports fan.

I went out with Rob last night and had 2 pints and 5 SI's (for people who don't know me this is about normal). However I couldn't sleep very well, have a very hazy memory of the night, and was suffering with sickness and diahorrea all morning, not getting up until 1:45. Maybe something got spiked or maybe I was just being a lightweight. Phil then bought Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 so that has been played a bit. I'm still tired and looking forward to an extra hour in bed tonight as the clocks go back. Tomorrow I must study which i'm finding hard to get my mind on at the moment and for an unknown reason lacking motivation or something. I'm sure it will pick up in the next week or so as the exam draws ever nearer.


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