Monday, November 05, 2007

Broken Records

I majorly underestimated helping ten people out with bonfire news as well over fifty people found Toph's Blog just by searching for information. Glad to be of service, but no thank you comments :-(

Anyway numbers time:- The previously highest day was 28 visitors (twice Jan 06 and Dec 06 I think). This was beaten on Friday (2nd Nov) with 33 visitors and Saturday (when most bonfires took place) with 34 visitors. The previous most visits in a week was 120 and is now 133. The monthly record will be touch and go but I'll update on that at the end of the month.

I'm now watching all fireworks within a 145 degree, approximate 5 mile radius of my bedroom window which is quite a lot of fireworks. While I watch i've been thinking and came up with this thought to link to the title. People are often like broken records, going on about the same things they're unhappy with. If you're unhappy with something, then do something about it. This often involves asking my advice, but if it's never taken then maybe it's time I changed my tune and put another record on. I'll still be happy to talk and listen of course :-)

Wow that actually makes no sense!!!


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